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You have to celebrate crises as they fall.
This is the credo of radical optimist Clemens Maria Schreiner. So give yourself a short break from the long faces, look at the cons positively and relax about things. Because from serenity follows exuberance. If the glass still appears half empty, then the ice cubes are simply missing. Waiting must be followed by pies. So Schreiner puts the free beer on ice, goads the cheese hedgehog, and invites his audience to a cathartic crisis festival. He no longer hangs black thoughts, preferring to hang colorful garlands. Positively minded and in a harmonious mood, he finds more solutions than problems and nowhere a fly in the ointment. Instead of moping around, he’s on the attack – but today it’s not the sparks that are flying, just the confetti.

So: come on in! Shoes happy to keep on and takeaways over there to the others, please. Let’s leave the crisis behind us together – and look forward to the next one.
All is far from well – but in time, all will be better.

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