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Erika Pluhar and Adi Hirschal have become close friends over the years, there have been private sad but also cheerful points of contact. Professionally, however, they went their separate ways. Although these paths, considered in parallel, had amazing similarities. Both of them, as actors only in the beginning, have developed towards creative self-responsibility, thus authorizing their own actions independently – both of them had more and more conquered music, singing for themselves and integrated it into their professional life – both of them, in different intensity, but nevertheless, are at home in writing.

Now – late, but not too late – the two of them whimsically came up with the idea of venturing a MITEINANDER that would combine the elements of their respective work, in addition to their own continued professional work. So they also thought up and tested a joint performance variant.

There they read their own and selected texts – they sing their own and selected songs – with Roland Guggenbichler on the piano being the congenial third in the bunch for the latter. And defining this joint evening is the appeal of Viennese, which both artists possess in different yet unifying ways.

Two Viennese children of mature age sing, recite, fool around, are serious, have fun, give each other dignity, and try to share their own togetherness with the people in the audience.

Copyright photo: Lukas Beck

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