For our hotel guests our wellness area is included in the room rate. Admission from 16 years!

Swiss stone pine is not only particularly resilient, but also promotes a pleasant climate in the interior. Its markedly relaxing effect will further benefit your visit to the sauna. On the one hand, the wood provides a pleasant scent, on the other hand, it feels particularly soft on the skin.

If you are planning a visit to our hotel’s own pine wood sauna, please inform our staff at the reception. Also, please note that the warm-up time is about 20 minutes.

You want to increase your well-being? A relaxing stay in our steam bath is recommended. Note the warm-up time of approx. 10 minutes here.

You do not have a room at the hotel? No problem! You are welcome to use our wellness area. However, we ask for timely notice of your visit, so that our saunas have already reached the right temperature when you arrive. The entrance fee for our wellness area is € 10,00 per person/day.

Would you like to borrow a wellness bag? You are welcome to borrow them at the reception for € 5,00 per bag. The wellness bag includes a bathrobe and bath slippers.

There is also a special for regular guests. Get your collective pass today – the 10th sauna visit is free. Inquire at the reception desk.

Appointments for massage can be booked through our staff at the reception. Here you can also get more detailed information about the specific offers and prices.

You can also find the andullation couch in the wellness area. It massages the body with oscillations and vibrations. € 10,00 for one session and € 10,00 as rental fee for the remote control. For more information, please contact the reception.

Information about the andullation couch:
Andullation therapy is a biophysical therapy method based on causing fluids in the body to vibrate. The vibrations generated this way are called biological resonance vibrations. They have therapeutic effects on pre-existing diseases, but can also be used preventively. Andullation as a therapeutic principle significantly improves metabolism and also blood circulation.


Enjoy your stay in our wellness area!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Parkhotel Hirschwang!