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The most beautiful day

Angelica. The angelic one. Please, that is the definition! And yet: in her early 40s, and still no ring on her finger. Now she has caught a bridal bouquet. At her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, which she attended alone because the ex-boyfriend is over and the new affair is just too married.

Very angelic, these sloppy circumstances that she finally wants to get out of. Very good, because from now on there is exactly one year to sail into the harbor of marriage, but hopefully not into it! Not a minute longer, because that would bring lifelong relationship misfortune, say grandma and a Colombian native in the Amazon.

A race against time begins. Will she find the right person in a world where the term “raghead” has taken on a whole new meaning since everyone is wearing a mask on their face? At a time when our alcohol consumption has increased to such an extent that the Face ID on our cell phone no longer recognizes us every third day? Yes, I do, but who actually? And above all, what?

“Der schönste Tag im Leben” is sure to be one thing: the best cabaret evening in a long time!

Copyright photo: Monika Löff

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