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At last!

The time has finally come! Finally back on stage – Reinhard Nowak with his brand new solo cabaret “Endlich!” Finally!

School’s finally out and vacations are here! Finally grown up and finally moving into your own apartment! First girlfriend at last, first kiss and finally sex for two for the first time! Oh how wonderful it all was, but today we are tormented by other questions…

When will it finally be summer again? Why is Brad Pitt still not blad and when will there finally be an anti-fat vaccination? When will I finally win the lottery for real? When will my wife finally agree with me?

Isn’t it a good thing that life is finite when so many people are infinitely stupid? Will there finally be answers to the really important questions in life? To be seen live here in this establishment! At last!

By Klaus Pieber and Reinhard Nowak

Copyright photo: Leo Bauer

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