30 01, 2023

move your mind e.U.


move your mind e.U. Outdoor training - Teambuilding - Experiential education training The team of "moveyourmind" consists of qualified and experienced specialists with many years of experience in outdoor training, team building and coaching. In our beautiful 3-hectare park there are high ropes course team elements [mehr lesen]

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29 01, 2023

Alpaca teambuilding from the Rax


Experience alpaca team building from the Rax Book your seminar now and make it an alpaca team building from the Rax. As a team event or for a relaxing hike, everything is possible. We live on our farm in beautiful Reichenau an der Rax and have [mehr lesen]

Alpaca teambuilding from the Rax2023-02-09T14:54:40+01:00
28 01, 2023

Teambuilding in Nasswald


Teambuilding in Nasswald Wilderness Center Nasswald - for your teambuilding in Nasswald Book your seminar now and make it an adventure together with your team. As a team event or for a hike, kayak trip or much more. We look forward to seeing you. The Nasswald [mehr lesen]

Teambuilding in Nasswald2023-02-09T14:54:28+01:00
27 01, 2023

Race Event in Hirschwang


Race Event in Hirschwang Race Event in Hirschwang comes with Carrera racing tracks also in our house! Rent a seminar room right now for this extraordinary spectacle. Rent the mobile car racetrack for: Company parties, company outing, Christmas party, anniversary, incentive, ... End the seminar [mehr lesen]

Race Event in Hirschwang2023-03-07T07:55:44+01:00
25 01, 2023

Team hiking


Team hiking guided snowshoe hike guided Rax plateau hike Mountain bike technical training Hiking & Navigation Workshop For more information, visit www.teamwandern.at. Your teambuilding request all teambuilding offers

Team hiking2023-03-07T07:46:59+01:00


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