Teambuilding with a difference – Day8

Host the most unusual, interactive and strange corporate event ever. Your teambuilding with a difference!

Let the workforce experience that through cohesion, cooperation, and the use of their diverse skills, they can bring unimagined problem-solving expertise to the most unusual situations? What has so far been heard in seminars and familiar workshop formats and forgotten again can now be experienced first-hand. With full story, action and challenges.

Or give a premium customer or business partner the day of your life? Lure them just a little bit out of their comfort zone and make them the heroes they are to you?

Parkhotel Hirschwang

Sight seeing day8 – team building in the city

Get to know the city and its history(s) through an adventure trip? Mysterious places, eerie stories and true events condense into a thriller through the city? Of course you can.

Makes Tag8 everything gladly, on request.
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We are happy to be the mediators when it comes to professional team building. We provide the premises and help you organize your own personal event, together with a company we trust.

Day 8 is a good choice if you want something out of the ordinary, unexpected.