15 05, 2023

Photo box at Parkhotel Hirschwang


Photo box Seen it yet? We have a photo box at the Parkhotel Hirschwang! Take your memory home with you from Parkhotel Hirschwang. Also for celebrations & events this can be used with pleasure. We. You. Fits. In cooperation with Fotobox.eu Book room News [mehr lesen]

Photo box at Parkhotel Hirschwang2023-09-22T07:26:42+02:00
26 01, 2023

Our sleep spray


Our Sleep Spray Our new addition to the rooms is the sleeping spray with lavender scent. Lavender assists in falling asleep & provides a soothing sleep. You are also welcome to purchase this at the reception for only € 4.90 per piece. Book room [mehr lesen]

Our sleep spray2023-02-09T14:18:58+01:00
26 01, 2023

Minibars in Hirschwang


Minibars in Hirschwang We are pleased to present you our new minibars in Hirschwang. Each room has a minibar. Take a look at our great products for yourself. Here is our latest video. We look forward to welcoming and taking care of you here. [mehr lesen]

Minibars in Hirschwang2023-02-09T14:19:14+01:00
26 01, 2023

Grubenzwerg – our house beer


Grubenzwerg - our house beer The Grubenzwerg – our house beer. Have you tried it yet? The house beer of the Parkhotel Hirschwang was specially created by the Schremser brewery. Enjoy the Grubenzwerg in our house – or you can also take it home, individually or [mehr lesen]

Grubenzwerg – our house beer2023-02-09T14:23:00+01:00
26 01, 2023

Hotel employee in Hirschwang


Hotel employee in Hirschwang - become part of our team! Glad you are considering becoming part of our team and found us in your job search to become a hotel employee in Hirschwang. Our areas: Service Reception Technology Housekeeping [mehr lesen]

Hotel employee in Hirschwang2023-01-31T11:45:05+01:00
26 01, 2023

Coffee break in Hirschwang


Coffee break in Hirschwang Fancy a coffee break in Hirschwang? For your coffee break, we offer you a homemade pastry with JAVA brand coffee for only € 5.90 per person every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Enjoy the delicacies [mehr lesen]

Coffee break in Hirschwang2024-02-07T10:56:09+01:00
26 01, 2023

Hotel newspaper – Der Hirschwanger


Our hotel newspaper - Der Hirschwanger Now NEW and brand new is the 5th edition of our hotel newspaper "Der Hirschwanger"! Our hotel park is always worth a visit. It invites you at any time to relax, get fresh air, recharge your batteries as well as [mehr lesen]

Hotel newspaper – Der Hirschwanger2023-01-31T11:48:39+01:00
26 01, 2023

E-filling stations


Our e-filling stations At our two e-charging stations we offer you the possibility to charge your e-car, e-motorcycle, e-bicycle or the battery of your bicycle. Just make yourself comfortable in our restaurant. In addition, you can also be pampered by our team on our spacious sun terrace. [mehr lesen]

E-filling stations2023-02-09T14:21:02+01:00


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